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With over 1000MW of capacity under development, Australia is one of CWP’s key markets. The country is rich in very windy locations and enjoys favorable legislation, which makes it perfect for the development of wind farms. The Federal Government's enhanced Renewable Energy Target (RET) aims to deliver 20% of Australia’s total energy consumption from renewable energy sources by 2020.  Wind power must make a major contribution to the country’s energy needs if this target is to be achieved.

CWP entered Australia in 2008, teaming up with Wind Prospect Group, a leading local wind energy developer that has successfully developed approximately half of the installed capacity of wind generation in Australia since 2001. From 2013 through 2015, CWP and its main shareholder Postscriptum Ventures bought out most of Wind Prospect’s share of the joint venture, thus becoming the sole owner of the portfolio. http://cwprenewables.com.au/

Our Australian portfolio consists of 12 projects, all of them located in New South Wales. More information on our advanced projects can be obtained from the following project websites: 

The Boco Rock Wind Farm, CWP’s first project in Australia, comprises up to a total of 122 turbines and reached full permitting in Sep 2012. Stage one of the contruction finished in 2013 and consists of 67 GE 1.6MW turbines with a total capacity of 113MW. The project was realized in a partnership with a major strategic investor in renewable energy- EGCO, who now owns the operating wind farm.