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19 Aug 2011

Bulgaria: Project Management Contract signed between CWP Bulgaria and CEZ Bulgarian Investments

(before and after photo of 5MW PVPP Oreshets)

The development of such an innovative project in a poor region will have a double positive effect for the community by protecting the environment and increasing the region's investment rating. 


After four months of construction in very difficult winter conditions, the 4.9MW PVPP Oreshets was officially commissioned on April 4th, 2012. After being chosen as the Project Management Company for the project by the Czech utility company CEZ in August 2011, CWP handled the tendering, negotiation of contracts, and construction management for this landmark project. The €10 million PV plant was CWP's first PV development, and also the first such investment for CEZ in Bulgaria.

PVPP Oreshets occupies a total area of 10ha near the village Oreshets, in the Vidin district of Northwestern Bulgaria. Unlike other PV power plants built on agricultural land, PVPP Oreshets was built in the place of an abandoned wood-processing plant in the industrial part of the village. The district of Vidin is currently the poorest region in Bulgaria and such an investment in renewable energy will not only supply the local community with clean electricity, but it will also provide jobs for people in the area.

PVPP Oreshets has a total installed capacity of 4 878 kWp. It is built with a hybrid metal construction combining aluminum profiles with galvanized steel parts designed by German EPC contractor Solea AG. To reach maximum rentability the park uses 20 328 polycrystalline PV modules type JKM 240P manufactured by Jinko Solar and 242 inverters Sinvert PM20 by Siemens. According to initial calculations, for the first 15 years of the PV plant’s exploitational life the park is expected to produce 5.7 million kWh of “green” electricity per year, thus supplying approximately 3840 households and reducing CO2 emissions by 6900 tons per year.

The construction site was officially opened in December 2011 with full-scale construction workds begining in late January. Despite heavy weather conditions and temperatures of -15̊C throughout January and February, construction finished on schedule and withing budget.  As a result of CWP Bulgaria’s successful management and the contractor’s quality technology, the PV park was built in only three months and received its permit for use on April 4th, 2012.