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01 Nov 2011

Romania: Government Emergency Ordinance 88/2011 approved and published

With the amendments of Government Emergency Ordinance. 88/2011 as approved and published in October, Law 220/2008 is now applicable.

After a press release on July 15, 2011 the EU Commission approved the support scheme given byLaw 220/2008, as per the last amendments made in 2010 and the amendments suggested in the draft of the Government Emergency Ordinance.As the Government Emergency Ordinance was published in the Official Gazette no.736/19.10.2011, the main legal framework is now fully in force.

The Ordinance introduces two major changes to the functioning of the Romanian RES market. It allows for potential reduction of the number of green certificates granted to a specific technology if such technology is deemed overcompensated based on a market analysis performed by ANRE. It also introduces a requirement for large-scale wind farms with capacity exceeding 125 MW to individually notify the EU Commission and obtain clearance in relation to potentially excessive state aid and resulting distortion to competition within the EU.